Welcome to Rupaal Care

And Training Limited

A Person-Centred Care Provider based in the United Kingdom

Rupaal Care and Training is a care and training provider that specialises in the provision of high quality care to elderly individuals, adults and children with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, people with mental health difficulties, Dementia, Alzheimer’s group or individuals with autism, sensory impairment, HIV/AIDS and other forms of terminal illness.  

In our organisation, we have a team of staff who have vast experience in the Industry. We provide person-centred service in and around London at the moment. 

The majority of our clients enjoy quality service which comes as a result of our dedicated team of staff. 
Our Managing Director has wealth of practical experience and has been in the Care Industry for over eighteen years, this has helped her so far in leading an excellent team. 

As professional care providers, we are proactive and innovative while maintaining a very high standard in the provision of our services.

Kindly Click Here to our recent CQC Inspection Report.

We Care About Your Wellbeing